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 Welcome to Haircuts By Mary

Haircuts By Mary is a unique Salon that is owner operated. The setting is unlike most salons that you have probably been to in the past. It is on the second floor of a Wardman Building built in about 1929. It's in a very comfortable setting that overlooks Connecticut Ave. When you get your haircut at Haircuts By Mary, you look out onto the neighborhood of Woodley Park and have the experience of complete relaxation unlike the typical scenario in a busy salon. The Salon has big French Door Windows, and the view is of Connecticut Ave., and the beautiful Wardman Park Condominiums which was recently renovated and brought back to its exquisite historical beauty!

When you leave Haircuts By Mary, you will be satisfied and happy because you will  look the way you are supposed to. And that will make you feel better than you may have when you arrived


Haircuts By Mary

2651 Connecticut Ave. NW

Washington, DC

202 265-6279

When you look will always feel much better.......which is why good hair is key to feeling great! 

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Stop by today and check us out.....we are certain you will be glad you will not only feel good about yourself after.............but you will be participating in this country's efforts to make the economy better!
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