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Located in the heart of Woodley Park which is in Northwest Washington, DC., Woodley Park and is between Cleveland Park and Dupont Circle on the red line.

It is about 1/2 mile from the National Zoo, located between Woodley Rd. and Calvert St. in a delightful restaurant district where you will find restaurants like the Lebanese Taverna.

Mary has been in the same location since 1990 where she has enjoyed every moment she has worked in her salon since day one. It is a beautiful setting and is about as laid back as it gets. The shop is delightfully lovely with the feel of your comfortable living room. The primary focus in Mary's salon is relaxing and chatting with Mary while she cuts your hair. Some great conversations are had at Haircuts By Mary! Mary also never overbooks her appointments, so you rarely have a long wait like some other salons. Her sense of people seems to give her access to knowing exactly how you would look best whether your hair is long or short. Once your hair is cut you feel so much better because you do look the way you should look. For new clients especially, that is sometimes a very welcome relief!

Haircuts By Mary 
2651 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008


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